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Elevate your wellness regimen with CBD tinctures designed for your health needs.

A convenient and smoke-free way of consuming cannabis is through the form of alcohol-based, organic CBD tincture. Making this revolutionary product come to life involves soaking hemp plants for several days and meticulous steps of filtration and refinement before being stored in a bottle.

Tinctures are designed to be consumed in small doses, and it is for this reason that most concentrated CBD extracts come with a built-in dropper. It allows users to take small, carefully measured amounts of tinctures in different ways—whether by taking them directly through the mouth, adding them to drinks, or mixing them with meals.

Higher Life CBD offers top-notch quality CBD tinctures manufactured with you in mind. By being involved in our products’ cultivation, processing, development, and marketing, we ensure that each one is crafted to the highest quality, purity, potency, and safety standards.

Why Add CBD Tinctures to Your
Health Regimen

Numerous studies have shown the beneficial effects of CBD-infused products in supporting health and wellness. If you want to experience these benefits safely and easily, CBD tinctures are right for you.

Higher Life CBD recognizes CBD’s ability to offer long-lasting relief for a variety of health conditions. We develop premium quality products to help you make the most of the benefits offered by CBD. Our CBD tinctures are meticulously designed to help:

Chronic pain is one of the many ailments that interfere with our daily activities. Experts found that one holistic way to fight pain is using CBD products. Cannabinoid alters the brain’s pain perception pathway. It’s an effective treatment for chronic pain due to multiple sclerosis, arthritis, and neuropathic disorders.

One of the common reasons users take CBD tinctures is to manage sleep disorders. CBD has been found to address some insomnia symptoms, including difficulty falling asleep at night, grogginess, and daytime sleepiness. It promotes restfulness and improves your quality of sleep.

In recent years, products infused with CBD, specifically CBD tinctures, have gained attention because of their potential ability to ease anxiety and stress. CBD is known to interact with the endocannabinoid system (ECS), which is responsible for promoting a sense of calm and boosting overall energy.
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Why Choose Higher Life CBD

Higher Life BD is a trusted wellness brand offering high-grade CBD products to promote a healthier body and mind. By partnering with trusted hemp growers and independent processing labs, we ensure that our products are 100% organic, natural, and safe from harmful contaminants.

We utilize the most advanced extraction techniques and facilities to develop a wide selection of products with the highest quality, potency, and purest CBD. By being committed to maximizing your CBD experience, our team continuously works with a dynamic team of experts to develop innovative products tailored to your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Higher Life CBD offers various tinctures—isolate and full-spectrum. Tinctures made with CBD isolate are considered THC-free and are the best choice for people who need to undergo regular drug screens.

On the other hand, full-spectrum CBD contains less than 0.3% THC. While this level of THC is not enough to make users feel high, it may still test positive on highly sensitive drug testing.

Specialized tinctures are engineered to enhance the effect of certain cannabinoids. These include CBD and CBG, which are found to have impressive antibacterial properties, and CBC, which is known for its beneficial effects on neurological health.
We do not want your pets to miss out on the numerous health benefits of CBD. We develop pet tinctures from the same high-quality, full-spectrum hemp we use for our human products. They’re designed to boost your pets’ overall wellness and mobility.
Our CBD tinctures can be used sublingually. Just place a few drops of CBD oil tincture under your tongue for around 15-20 seconds and wait for it to take effect in roughly 30 minutes. You can add a few drops of CBD oil tincture to your pet food or drink.
Our standard dosage for potency is 1200mg/oz, which works quickly for most people. For more information, please see our dosage chart. If you’re currently taking any medication, consult your doctor first before consuming CBD.

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Get long-lasting relief from pain and anxiety with premium quality tinctures from Higher Life CBD. For more inquiries regarding our CBD tinctures and other products, contact our expert team. We look forward to helping you improve your quality of life through CBD.