CBD for Pets

Support your pet's health and wellness with safe and effective CBD-infused products.

Like humans, our pets also feel pain, get anxious, and experience ailments, so you want to ensure that they are given the best love and care in the world. As one of your most loyal companions, there is absolutely nothing you would not do to keep them happy and healthy.

Cannabidiol (CBD) has been recognized in the medical and recreational industry because of its numerous health benefits, especially in supporting the treatment of chronic pain, seizures, anxiety, and digestive issues. Recent studies have discovered that this therapeutic compound benefits pets just as it does for humans.

At Higher Life CBD, we care for your pets just as much as you do. We extend our options to your furry friends, so they also get to enjoy the benefits of CBD like you do. We offer CBD products derived from premium quality hemp plants tested to the same standard as those designed for human consumption.

How Can Pets Benefit From CBD

CBD works on your four-legged pets the same way it does for you. Since they also have endocannabinoid systems, you can also give them CBD as a supplement to improve their well-being or manage pain without the intoxicating side effects.

Higher Life CBD is a trusted provider of CBD and hemp products, including CBD-infused pet care products. Our delectable CBD pet treats, tinctures, and organic salves are safe to administer to your furry family members to help:

Pets can also experience debilitating pain and want relief just as much as you do. CBD is found to alleviate pain and ease your pet’s suffering. This benefit is primarily relevant to dogs struggling with arthritic symptoms. A 2006 study also found that CBD is vital in managing pain from other inflammatory and neurological conditions.
One of the significant reasons many pet owners use CBD products is anxiety. Pets, especially dogs, may display certain behaviors when they experience fear, anxiety, or nervousness. CBD is well-known for exhibiting calming effects in humans and may work in relieving the negative emotions of pets as well.

Preliminary studies have found that CBD may also help speed up the healing process of animal injuries by providing anti-inflammatory and antiseptic effects. Most topical CBD products for pets today are formulated with moisturizing ingredients to soothe dry and cracked paws while providing healing for cuts, lacerations, or lesions.

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Why Choose Higher Life CBD

At Higher Life CBD, we offer a wide selection of CBD products specifically designed to support your pet’s health and wellness. We meticulously formulate and process our products because we want your furry companions to receive the numerous benefits CBD offers.

We love your pets as much as you do, so it goes without saying that we only provide safe and high-quality hemp products. With various flavors, formulations, and aromas, it can be easy for you to find the best treats for your furry friends. We also provide CBD salve infused with tried and true ingredients to provide optimal topical benefits.

Frequently Asked Questions

To ensure the safe and effective administration of CBD, our veterinarians recommend using a dosage of one milligram of CBD per kilogram or roughly two pounds of your pet’s weight. You may also check our dosage chart for reference.
There are different ways you can administer CBD to your pets. CBD pet tinctures can simply be added to your pet food, drinks, or treats. Pet salve and treats, on the other hand, should be administered as the product label recommends.
The effect of CBD varies. Some animals respond quickly to CBD and may experience immediate relief or relaxation. We recommend giving your pet small portions for at least three weeks to allow CBD to build up in their system and yield greater results.
We do not offer full-spectrum CBD products for pets at this time. Most animals are more reactive to the effects of CBD, so pet owners may find it difficult to feed or administer full-spectrum CBD to their furry companions.

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