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Higher Life CBD leverages powerful yet gentle hemp extraction to offer high-grade CBD products in Indianapolis.

The concept that defines Higher Life CBD originated in 2017. It all started with an Indianapolis entrepreneur’s passion for promoting a holistic alternative to medicine through hemp-derived products. He teamed up with a talented bio-engineering student from Purdue University, Tim, who is now the founder of a successful cannabis brand— Herbal Fracture.

Tim, including the entire network of Higher Life CBD, works persistently to find better ways to provide safe and all-natural products without using harmful solvents like butane, hexane, or propane. Our team utilizes a supercritical CO2 extraction process to provide top-notch CBD and hemp products rich in cannabinoids and other beneficial compounds.

Aside from utilizing a safe extraction technique, we also work directly with pain management specialists, veterinarians, herbalists, processing facilities, and other experts to develop innovative formulations that suit our customers’ needs and interests. We consistently test and offer new products that deliver a more enhanced CBD experience.

Our Full-Spectrum Hemp Process

Cannabidiol (CBD) can be simply defined as the natural extract of the hemp plant. As it contains no tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and other psychoactive elements, it is considered a legal and non-intoxicating compound that offers a wide array of therapeutic and restorative benefits.

At Higher Life CBD, we focus on producing CBD products of the highest purity through the utilization of safe extraction techniques and manufacturing procedures. Our thorough extraction and testing processes make it possible to craft products with the perfect strength, content, and dosage of CBD.

Join Higher Life CBD as we walk you through the journey of creating our full-spectrum CBD products.

By embracing sustainability at all times, we ensure that our products are made of hemp plants nurtured and grown in the nutrient-rich soil.

Every product we offer comes from hemp strains that are carefully handpicked for quality and potency. All the hemp we use is meticulously grown, and not a single pesticide or harmful chemical is involved in the cultivation process.

We take advantage of the state-of-the-art farming process not only to enhance the quality of our hemp strains but also to ensure that our products are safe and have the right consistency and potency.

By utilizing cutting-edge CO2 extraction technology, our partnered labs create the safest and most effective products in the industry.

Cultivated hemp materials undergo great lengths to ensure that they are free from heavy metals, bio-contaminants, and toxic solvents. These certified clean materials are then processed via proprietary closed-loop CO2 extraction and purification.

The CO2 extraction method is designed to negate the need for additional processing while still retaining the most beneficial terpenes, flavonoids, and phytocannabinoids. The result? Full-spectrum hemp extracts of the highest quality and effectiveness.

By being committed to quality and reliability, we ensure that our products are tested in independent lab facilities that offer accredited results.

Every product we offer undergoes rigorous laboratory testing to ensure consistency in quality, potency, and cannabinoid and phytonutrient content. Stringent testing also ensures that our products are free from contaminants and other trace amounts of THC.

At Higher Life CBD, we value transparency. We share the full data sheet that contains the processes our products undergo, third-party testing results, and quality assurance measures here on our website.

Innovative Hemp Extraction Gives
The Purest Extracts

As one of the most trusted providers of high-grade CBD in Indianapolis, we are fully equipped to process, optimize, and engineer the best products for your needs. Our manufacturing partner utilizes a closed-loop CO2 extraction method to obtain true full-spectrum extracts and CBD isolates exhibiting 0.00% THC content.

This proprietary extraction process retains beneficial plant components that other processes degrade and delivers excellent hemp profiles safe for medical and recreational use.

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