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CBD Cartridges

Indulge in the many benefits of CBD anytime, anywhere with our high-grade cartridges.

There is a multitude of ways in which you can consume CBD, but one of the easiest, quickest, and most enjoyable of all is by using cartridges. These high-performance, compound-rich cartridges are portable, readily available, and come in a wide selection, allowing you to indulge in CBD to your heart’s content.

At Higher Life CBD, we offer a variety of top-tier cartridges containing hemp ingredients of the highest quality, potency, and purity. With our commitment to bringing the absolute best, we refuse to carry anything but high-grade and effective CBD cartridges, so you can maximize the health and therapeutic benefits of CBD.

One of the most critical aspects of developing our cartridges and other CBD products is the rigorous testing process they go through. We test our products in reputable laboratories to ensure that they don’t contain harmful chemicals and are crafted to the highest standard.

How Cartridges Enhance Your
CBD Experience

Whether you plan to take single puffs periodically or hit your vape with great frequency, cartridges offer incredibly convenient and effective ways to enjoy CBD. Cartridges also allow you to feel the beneficial results of CBD much faster.

At Higher Life CBD, we believe that the advantages of CBD lie within its impressive therapeutic potential to relieve pain, manage anxiety, and help with smoking cessation. For this reason, we offer a broad array of pre-filled, flavored CBD cartridges of the highest quality. They are designed to offer:

Studies suggest that vaping CBD using cartridges offers an opportunity to consume cannabinoids more efficiently. Vaping delivers 70% bioavailability or the amount of substance that enters the bloodstream. With cartridges, you can enjoy high amounts of CBD without enduring the strange and persistent odor of smoke.
While cartridges require regular coil changes and refills, these attributes make them highly customizable. You can choose from different flavors and aromas of CBD juice to fill your cartridge. By choosing the terpene profile and flavoring that speaks to you, a leveled-up CBD experience is guaranteed.
Cartridges also allow you to stay on top of your CBD regimen wherever you go. Unlike dabbing rig or setting up nails to consume CBD oils, carts are the easiest way to enjoy cannabis. Their sleek design and portable trait allow discreet vaping free of distraction and noticeable smoke.
HCD filling up vape pen with cbd oil

Why Choose Higher Life CBD

At Higher Life CBD, we offer an array of cartridges containing CBD derived from high-quality, potent, and pure hemp plants. We consistently work with expert veterinarians, pain management specialists, and herb specialists to offer innovative products that will make your CBD experience more convenient and enjoyable.

We are passionate about offering holistic alternatives to wellness, and we make sure that you receive the health benefits of CBD through products made with the finest hemp extract and most impressive craftsmanship. When you choose Higher Life CBD, you can be confident that you get nothing but the best.

Our Hemp Varieties

Vaping CBD can be more delightful when done with distinct and notoriously delicious flavors. Here are some of the timeless cart varieties and flavors that we offer:
Zkittles is an Indica hybrid strain that is a cross between primitive grape-flavored variety and other grapefruit varieties. It is a great sleeping aid at night but can still be used anytime if you want to experience a relaxing tropical hit during the day.
A cross between Girl Scout Cookies and Tangie, Tropicana Cookies exudes a sweet, earthy scent with tart and cream flavors. Its delicious sour citrus high and long-lasting effect can get you up in no time.
Since Gelato is a cross between the infamous Sunset Sherbet and Girl Scout Cookies, it has this sweet sherbet and slightly fruity flavor. Aside from its tasty flavor, Gelato is also popular because of its effect that won’t leave you feeling sedated.
One of the most popular strains, Blueberry, is thought to be a descendant of the Afghan and Purple Thai cross. Its spicy yet earthy vanilla flavor offers a euphoric effect that ends with a sense of calm and ease.

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